Craving Curves? Try Naturaful!

This post is for all my flat-chested lady followers out there.

I remember growing up and wishing I had better, more feminine curves. My sister and mother had bodacious breast, but I never seemed to grow a pair.

As silly or vain as it may sound, I wanted them; Just not enough to go under the knife.

Since there’s only so many pushups and breast enhancing exercises you can do, it was time to get some help. That’s how I discoverd Naturaful (read more here:

Naturful is a breast enhancing cream that you use twice daily to increase the size of your boobs. Basically, all you need to do is massage it into your breasts in the morning and night, preferably after a shower. The shower helps stimulate your pores, opening them up so the active ingredients can seap down into your skin and work their magic.

What are these magical ingredients, you ask?

There are herbs and plant extracts such as Sabal,Damiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root,
Oat Bran, Wild Mexican Yam, Motherwort that are known for their mastogenic-enhancing abilities. All of these are key active ingredients in Naturaful.

What they do is stimulate cell growth in the mammary gland region to produce a bigger, firmer bust; similar to pregnancy or puberty  hormones.

Don’t go under the knife. Try Naturaful and get bigger boobs, like me!

Don’t Let Warts Get The Best Of You

Got Warts?

It doesn’t have quite the same positive ring as “Got Milk?”, does it?

The fact of the matter is, a lot of people are starting to contract warts, so it seems like a topic worth delving into.

For the record, I do NOT have warts, but  I have some friends that do. They have described it as a painful, irritating experience.

So, how do they deal with it?

Each of my friends has said they swear by the product Wartamine. You can read up about it here:

Wartamine offers relief from warts using natural and organic ingredients. The best part is, it doesn’t require a prescription and the shipping is very discreet so you don’t have to be embarrassed by going into the pharmacy.

To use Wartamine, all you have to do is apply it to your warts. Initially, the solution will turn the wart white. After a few days, the warts will turn black and fall off naturally, shortly thereafter. Usually this happens in the shower and you won’t feel any pain when this happens.

Worried that a natural product won’t work? This product is backed by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, so you need not worry.

Protect yourself from warts by practicing safe sex, but if worst comes to worse, give Wartamine a try.


The 411 On Capsiplex

For those of you who know me, you know that I’ve been struggling to lose weight lately. I was becoming super self conscious of my mid section, flabby arms and saggy butt. Nothing seemed to be helping me shed this weight though.

To top off my insecurities, I was eating clean, training hard and still stuck in a weight loss rut.

I’ve tried fad diets and fasting, but nothing seemed to help me push past this plateau. That was until I discovered Capsiplex.

Capsiplex is a relatively new diet pill on the market and you can read more about it here: This weight loss supplements main ingredient is capsicum.

Capsicum extract helps curb those nasty cravings that kept having me fall off my clean eating bandwagon. All of their other ingredients are also natural and 100% safe to use.

At first I was nervous to try Capsiplex because some diet pills can cause you to become jittery and agitated. That was the last thing I was interested in. Luckily, this did not happen.

What I did notice was a suppressed appetite, increased energy and the shedding of those stubborn pounds. I feel like a new woman with this supplement.

If you’re stuck in a weight loss rut, dig yourself out of it with Capsiplex.

Get Intimate with Your Vagina; How to Tighten it Naturally

There is nothing worse than feeling bad in your own body. Some women feel this way because they have bad acne, others because they battle weight issues and some because they don’t feel like they are tight enough. This includes worrying about how tight their vagina is too.

Feeling like you have a loose or wide vagina can make you question your ability to perform with a partner and even yourself. Will it feel as pleasurable?

Turns out there are ways you can tighten your vagina naturally (http:/ If you want to tighten your nether regions you could try one of these three methods:


Internal exercises known as Kegels work your pelvic region to tighten your vaginal wall. If you’ve ever tried to stop yourself from urinating then you are working the same muscles. Try doing these exercises for 5 minutes daily. You’ll notice results quickly. Best part is, this exercise is very discreet.


There are herbs that can help balance your hormones, tighten your wall and even prevent dryness and illness. Herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica and Curcuma Comosa are great for this.


You can purchase vaginal tightening gels as well. These gels offer lubrication for increased pleasure, but also re-sculpt your vagina.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll soon enjoy the feeling of a less stressful intimate situation. Start tightening your womanhood today!

Are You Letting The Bed Bugs Bite?

You’re ready to say “Goodnight,” sleep tight, but you can’t help but fear the bed bugs bite.

For those of you living in a city, you surely understand how awfully common it is for bed bugs. Neighbourhood up neighbourhood are becoming infested with these little critters.

Bed bugs can enter your home simply by allowing a friend who has them to walk in your door. They hide in anything made of fabric; clothes, jackets, even bags and stuffed animals. Once you have them it onnly escalates.

There must be a good way to kill bed bugs, right? Well, it turns out there is.

FabriClear is a home remedy option that you can read more about here: Non toxic and safe, it rapidly works to kill those itty bitty critters.

Worried it’s not safe for your children? Fret not. If you’ve got little rascals running around the house, FabriClear’s environmentally friendly formula will not harm them. You can experience peace of mind each time you spray this around your home.

Besides being absolutely efficient, it’s reasonably priced. Why not give it a try. What have you go to lose…except for a few bed bugs?


The Only Book That Has Captured My Attention This Summer

I’m not that big of a reader, in fact it takes a lot for me to sit down and actually make it through an entire book.

Fortunately I had an entire week off with my family up at our vacation home where there is no TV, a shoddy internet connection and not much else to do other than read or drink wine.

Normally I would opt for the “drink wine” option but this particular week I opted to read.

My sister had come prepared with a stack of books she planned on reading and one caught my eye. The alluring deep red cover of The English Girl by Daniel Silva intrigued me and I called dibs on it before anyone could beat me to it, including my sister.

By the first chapter I was hooked! Now, as I said, I’m not that big of a reader but I seriously could not put this book down!

It has suspense from the first page to the very last and is a sultry tale of a Prime Minister’s mistresses who gets kidnapped and is held while the Prime Minister Lancaster unleashes his very best assassin onto the assailants.

I don’t want to give too much away because I really want you to read The English Girl, but just know, this New York Times best-selling book is a consistent page turner! In fact, I hardly slept on our vacation because I couldn’t put it down – a very out-of-character thing of me to do.

So do yourself a favour and pick yourself up a copy, or even better click where you even buy it at a discounted price!

Trust me, you will thank me for it!

Update: I just found this video that explains how to download The English Girl in PDF format. It’s a terrible video but at least it will help you out…and it’s only 90 seconds long!


How I Grew Almost 2 Cup Sizes In 3 Months


I’ve always been unlucky in the boob department. I always felt a little self conscious, especially around my friends who had no issue in that are

a. I assume this sounds like a lot of girls reading out there.

Like most of you, I contemplated surgery but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge because it was:

a. Out of my price range.
b. Too scary of a thing to go through

Therefore I decided

to put my time and money towards a more natural approach. This led me to try out a lot of different breast

enhancement creams, before finally finding the one that made all the difference, which you can read more about here.

It’s called Brestrogen and it’s something that I swear by now that I managed to see some good results after just 3 months of treatment.

This isn’t the first cream I tried either. Trust me when I say there were MANY others that came before it. I’m sure many of you found

yourself in the same boat where you spent a lot of money but didn’t manage to see any results.

I was the same until I made the decision to go out and buy Brestrogen.

The progress at first was a little slow, but eventually I started to notice the difference and now I’m at a small C cup from a high A originally.

Since then, something really interesting happened…boys started taking more notice of me and it wasn’t just because I was now donning a pair of $900 Christian Louboutin’s. No it was my boobs making the difference.

I guess that’s what I want to put to you girls reading my blog. Have any of you had a boob job recently and noticed a major change in your love life?

Drop me an email some time,
because I’d love to chat more about the changes you saw in your everyday life.

3 Easy-To-Implement Anti Aging Skin Care Hints

anti aging tipsOkay so I haven’t quite reached the point in my life where I’m starting to see fine lines and wrinkles appear, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware that one day it will be my reality!

That’s why I like to stick to a proper anti aging prevention routine. Here are 3 easy to implement anti again tips for you to start using in your skin care routine:

#3: Be Wary of Your Facial Expressions!

That means whenever you feel yourself frowning, cut it out! I know it sounds like it would be too hard to do, so try focusing for 30 days every day on your facial expressions. Eventually the habit will start to set in stone and you’ll no longer find yourself frowning wrinkles into existence.

#2: Use A Microdermabrasion Machine

OMG this thing saved my life. Initially I bought the wrong machine, but eventually I was turned onto the Microderm MD via a post I read on - I swear to you, this machine keep my skin smoother than you could possibly imagine AND you don’t have to use it too often. Once a week is enough. Check that bad boy out next chance you get.

#1: Don’t Start Early!

That means if you don’t need to use an anti aging cream, then don’t go out and buy one! Eventually the day may come where you need to use a product, but not until you start to have a real problem with fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are already at that point in your life, then I recommend you check out this review on a cream called LifeCell - It’s becoming increasing popular among older women and it seems to be one of the better creams on the market.

Until next time, you stay beautiful girl!

The ONLY Diet Pill I Would Ever Use

phen375Okay so this is going to sound kind of vain, but oh well who cares. I use diet pills! That’s right and I’m proud of it! The thing is though, is that I spend A LOT of time trying out A LOT of different types of pills.

I feel like it’s my duty to tell you about the only pills that worked for me. So much so that I managed to cut a whopping 15 pounds of pure fat in the space of less than 3 months.

What are they you ask?

Phen375 bitches! I know, I know the name of them sounds a little suspicious, but I assure you they’re 100% natural and safe. I first made the decision to buy Phen375 when a girlfriend mentioned the idea to me about a year ago now. Ever since then I haven’t turned back.

The thing is with these types of pills, you’re supposed to take them over a long period of time. The reason being is that the core ingredient Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, helping your body stay fuller for longer.

If you are at all interested in following my lead and trying out this product. I found a way for you to get a Phen375 discount that should help you say some money in the long run.

Okay ladies, until next time stay frickn’ beautiful!

Whatever You Do Don’t Try Adiphene

adipheneOkay so I’m fairly big into trying out diet pills. I’ll show you the one that seemed to work best for me shortly, but first I need to let you know about a pill you shouldn’t try.

It’s called Adiphene and I can tell you I had a fairly bad experience after using it.

Here’s what happened.

So this product is supposed to curb your appetite right. Well for me it basically did the opposite. Instead of feeling less hungry, I for some reason couldn’t help but eat my face off! Maybe it was just me, but after using it for a week I had to stop  or else I would of for sure put on a lot of weight.

I wish now that I never made the decision to buy Adiphene, but hell at least I managed to get a good story from it.

If you were thinking about trying this diet pill out, let me warn you that it may end up having the opposite effects.

However in saying that, I’m assuming it may have just been me because a lot of people managed to see some fairly decent results as you can tell from this video: